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Voyu Tiakiana / Oe'otx Coffee Farm

Lot info
  1. Lot Altitude: 1100 m
  2. Veriaty: Geisha
  3. Processing: Washed
  4. Lot Size: 30 kg
  5. Processing detail: Cherry was pre-sorted by floatation and pulped. After dry fermentation at 10-15℃ for 48 hours, the mucilage was washed away. The coffee was then soaked in running water to ferment for another 24 hours. Drying was done by the sun for the first 7 days and finished in a dryer in 48 hours.
Farm info
  1. Area: 3.6 ha
  2. Farm Altitude: 1100 m
  3. Total coffee planted: 1800
  4. Annual Production: 700 (kg of green bean)

"Oe'otx Coffee Farm," located in Alishan Township Hosa no Tfuya Village, Chiayi County, is about 1,100 meters to 1,200 meters above sea level. The couple Voyu Tiakiana and Tanivu Kautuana run this coffee farm. They planted lilies in the past, but after the August 8 Floods caused by Morakot Typhoon in 2009, they started paying attention to coffee. The coffee varieties currently cultivated are Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, and Geisha, which was planted most recently.

For Voyu Tiakiana, coffee cultivation must be learned little by little. You can gradually increase the production volume after understanding the basic technology; however, being patient in the early stages is vital as well. When Voyu Tiakiana first saw the fruitful coffee trees, he thought that everything was quite successful; however, after cupping, the taste wasn't very good and there was room for improvement, undoubtedly. Voyu Tiakiana continuously adjusted field management and processing methods. Besides, he also tried to grow coffee from seeds to seedlings, and graft with suitable coffee varieties to discover the best taste of his farm. However, the biggest problem is coffee pests. According to Voyu Tiakiana, coffee berry borers do more damage than macacas and mice.

According to Tanivu Kautuana, she switched to coffee business with her husband because of their aspiration for coffee. Their first step of entering this industry is to open their own coffee shop. While running a coffee shop, they wanted to reduce costs of coffee. Accordingly, they came up with the idea of selling homegrown coffee in the store. That’s why they started building the coffee farm that we can see now. While growing their own coffee, they also bought coffee cherries from nearby farmers. Since it is easier to judge the quality of coffee cherries than that of beans with parchment. Insect-damage beans can be eliminated quickly, and coffee processing can be controlled to maintain the stability of coffee quality.

Voyu Tiakiana said that the important thing that "Oe'otx Coffee Farm" wants to achieve is not only to improve his own coffee, but also to escalate the level of coffee cultivation in Hosa no Tfuya area and to win recognition. Tanivu Kautuana mentions that interacting with the peers and competing in coffee events with one another are of considerable importance to the quality of coffee and cupping. In addition to basic coffee knowledge and skills, the quality of coffee can be improved steadily by constantly exchanging opinions and experiences with coffee growers. Her vision is to make coffee in Hosa no Tfuya area better and better, and to create an unique flavor that solely belongs to this land.