Rank 09: 86.78

HUANG,PAO-HIS / Melastoma Coffee Estate

Lot info
  1. Lot Altitude: 1200 m
  2. Veriaty: Geisha
  3. Processing: Natural
  4. Lot Size: 30 kg
  5. Processing detail: Mechanical dried.
Farm info
  1. Area: 2 ha
  2. Farm Altitude: 1250-1300 m
  3. Total coffee planted: 2500
  4. Annual Production: 500 (kg of green bean)

"Melastoma Coffee Estate" is in the Lalauya village of Alishan. The reason of naming it "Melastoma" is because of it’s a commonly seen flower in the village. It grows well and its flowers can bloom all year round without any special care. Originally, tea was cultivated here. The farm owner also runs a bed and breakfast in the same space. Trying to protect customers from pesticides, he decided to grow coffee instead. The owner said that coffee processing resembles that of tea. Therefore, his tea processing experience can be applied to coffee. He knows that if a problem appears during processing, then good coffee cannot be created.

The main coffee varieties cultivated here are SL-34, purple-leaf mutations, and Geisha. Different varieties have their own suitable processing methods. Chief Producer and Director "Ah Bao" said that natural and honey process are suitable for the purple-leaf mutations, washed for SL-34, and natural for Geisha. Natural Geisha smells like peach and berry. According to his observation for years, coffee trees planted nearby peach trees always have some peach aroma. It turns out that the fallen leaves of fruit trees become natural organic fertilizers for coffee trees.

Currently, there are two coffee growing areas in the farm. Each is located at 1,300 meters and 800-900 meters above sea level. There are 4,000 trees in total. Currently, he is still experimenting. He wants to grow diversified coffee and cultivate some special varieties. His dream is to grow 10,000 coffee trees in his farm.

"Ah Bao" wants the name of Melastoma Coffee Estate to be widely known in the industry. Based on this goal, he learns about coffee plantation, field management, and coffee processing; in addition, he actively participates in coffee competitions and tasting events. This year, he participates in PCA because of a friend's recommendation. He truly believes that by participating in this international coffee event, the name of his coffee farm will be widely renowned. Besides, he can also know the position of Taiwan coffee in the world. He wishes one day, Melastoma Coffee Estate will be ranked as the top coffee farm in Taiwan like how "Zou Zhou Yuan" shines on the global stage, and compete against other world-famous coffee farms.