Why You Should Try Taiwanese Coffee?

This is a series of interviews with coffee professionals from across the globe. To celebrate the 2021 Taiwan Private Collection Auction, these producers, roasters, cuppers, traders, trainers, and world champions discuss their impressions of Taiwanese coffees.

Rocky Rhodes

(United States)
International Coffee Consulting CEO

Jeremy Raths

(United States)
The Roastery Founder

Yoshiyuki Nakamura

Mame Pore Pore Coffee Representative/roaster

Hiraku Kondo

The Ituka Coffee Representative/roaster

Eiji Tamura


Tetsuji Yamada

COFFEE potohoto Representative/roaster

Berg Wu

2016 World Barista Champion,
Co-founder of Simple Kaffa

Jacky Lai

2014 World Coffee Roasting Champion

Chad Wang

2017 World Brewer’s Cup Champion

Lupin Liu

2014 World Cup Tasters Champion

Yuan-Cheng “Jake” Hu

World Coffee Events Representative 2013-17

Krude Che-Hao Lin

Taiwan Coffee Laboratory President

Joe Hsu

‘13-‘19 Alliance For Coffee Excellence Board Member

Cheng-Lun Fang

2019-2020 Taiwan Specailty Coffee Eveluation Special Prize Winner

Ting-Yeh Hsu

2020 Alishan Coffee Evaluation
Washed Group, 1st Prize Winner
Geisha Group,1st Prize Winner