Rank 07: Ching Ye Coffee Estate

Score: 86.61

Chiayi County

Ching Ye Coffee Estate

  • Producer: YEH,SHIN-YUAN
  • Farm: Ching Ye Coffee Estate
  • Lot Size: 20 (kg)
  • Lot Altitude: 1100 (m)
  • Cultivar: SL 34
  • Processing: Natural
  • Processing detail:
    Pre-ferment for two days under cool temperature. Drying was completed by a mechanical dryer

Ching Ye Coffee Estate is located at Meishan Township. The owner Yeh Shin-Yuan has over ten years of tea making experience, and he utilizes his craft with coffee production. The coffee planted here are mostly SL34, the coffee beans are flavorful and dense. The estate has performed exceptionally at competitions in Chiayi and on the national level as well.

  • Area: 2 (ha)
  • Farm Altitude: 1100 (m)
  • Total coffee planted: 2000
  • Annual Production: 2000 (kg of green bean)