Rank 08: Sen Yue High PK.

Score: 86.30

Nantou County

Sen Yue High PK.

  • Producer: WU,ZHEN-HONG
  • Farm: Sen Yue High PK.
  • Lot Altitude: 20 (kg)
  • Lot Altitude: 1400 (m)
  • Cultivar: SL 34
  • Processing: Honey
  • Processing detail:
    Pulping right after the harvet. Floaters were removed. Drying is completed under the sun or through a mechenical dryer. Storage at 16 ℃.

Sen Yue High PK is surround by forests and sits right next to a lake. Its tree-filled micro-climate brings heavy mists during in the morning and at dawn. It also enjoys plenty of sunlight and cool winds in the evening. The difference in temperature between day and night extends coffee maturation time and increases coffee cherries' sugar content to create dense, flavorful coffee. The natural organic soil also provides an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. The estate handles everything from coffee planting, harvest, milling, and processing.

  • Area: 3 (ha)
  • Farm Altitude: 1400~1450 (m)
  • Total coffee planted:3000
  • Annual Production: 700 (kg of green bean)