Rank 12: Zou Zhou Yuan

Score: 85.57

Chiayi County

Zou Zhou Yuan

  • Producer: FANG,CHENG-LUN
  • Farm: Zou Zhou Yuan
  • Lot Size: 85 (kg)
  • Lot Altitude: 1300 (m)
  • Cultivar: Typica
  • Processing: Natural
  • Processing detail:
    Natural process with mechenical drying.

Zou Zhou Yuan a café, a coffee farm, an orchid farm, and a tea farm all in one. The coffee farm was developed over a decade ago, and Zou Zhou Yuan is now the hottest and most popular café on Alishan. Not only is a favorite destination for Taiwanese tourists, it is also frequented by Japanese coffee professionals and tourists.

  • Area: 5 (ha)
  • Farm Altitude: 1200~1400 (m)
  • Total coffee planted: 5000
  • Annual Production: 3000 (kg of green bean)