Rank 14: TGC Coffee Manor

Score: 85.34

Yunlin County

TGC Coffee Manor

  • Producer: XU,YI-HONG
  • Farm: TGC Coffee Manor
  • Lot Size: 20 (kg)
  • Lot Altitude: 750 (m)
  • Cultivar: Typica
  • Processing: Washed
  • Processing detail:
    Submerged fermentation at 23℃ for 48 hours. Drying 8 days under the sun and than storage at 18℃.

TGC Coffee Manor combines coffee cultivation, branding, environmental education, coffee production, and lifestyle into one holistic business. Fully traceable, the farm uses data analysis to create its farmland management plan, harvest schedule, and processing control plan to increase its coffee quality, production output, production capacity, and production output.

  • Area: 1 (ha)
  • Farm Altitude: 600~800 (m)
  • Total coffee planted: 1000
  • Annual Production: 800 (kg of green bean)